Todd Robson is an award-winning communicator, strategist and problem solver with agency, journalism, government, national and local news experience.

With close to 15 years of experience working in live television, network and local news, combined with a career in corporate and strategic communications, Todd now provides clients with expertise, direction, advice and support with..

  • Content Development
  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Government Relations
  • Marketing

Todd specializes in providing high-level consulting, writing and project management, delivered on-time and above expectations.

His clients cover a wide spectrum, including post-secondary institutions, health care, mining, technology start-ups and communications agencies in Canada and the United States.

Gloria Staskus

Information is giving out; communication is getting through.

An expert in influential communication, Gloria has been helping organizations deliver their messages to internal and external audiences and key stakeholders for over 30 years. She plans and delivers impactful internal and external communications; engages media and stakeholders; and help clients gain an understanding of the reach and impact of their communications.

Gloria’s expertise in the field includes her work at the City of Sudbury, where she provided communications and marketing services to all departments, including the Mayor and City Manager. This included media relations, advertising, speech writing, and the planning of corporate events.

Most recently, as Cambrian College’s Communications Manager, Gloria was responsible for the development and implementation of Cambrian’s internal and external communications, including social media, as well as events and activities that promoted the College’s programs, research, recruitment activities and brand.

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Media Training – Can You Afford NOT to Be Prepared When Reporters Come Calling?
Want to see someone in a respected position of power throw away a career in all of about two minutes? Stephen Duckett was an expert in his field. Respected globally. Until this… Watch this exchange. Duckett wasn’t prepared to deal with media. He paid a serious professional price and left a lesson for us all to learn from. In fact, his exchange is used by a lot of media trainers on exactly what not to do in a crisis situation. As a former news producer, I remember scrambling to find an expert opinion or perspective when news was breaking. read more

Will the real Elian please stand up
It has been a little more than two years since Elian Gonzalez was thrust onto the world’s stage, the unsuspecting child star of the 20th century’s biggest custody battle. Now that he is back in his Cuban home, Elian’s celebrity has begun to fade, but his journey from Cuba to the United States and back again left an indelible mark on world politics. So, where is Elian? Cuban authorities will tell you that he has gone home to live a normal life with his father in Cardenas, Cuba. read more

Fighting Red Tape To Win The Media Relations Speed Game
It’s a situation that happens every day in the media relations world. A reporter calls and they need someone for an interview fast. This is how the scenario should play out: Step 1 – The media calls a communications officer with a simple request for information and an interview on a recently announced program. Step 2 – The communication officer identifies a suitable spokesperson. Step 3 – The reporter and spokesperson talk, arrange an interview — and there is some excellent earned media and exposure for your institution. It sounds simple enough. But, not so fast. read more